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We are Viona, 

We'd love to help you have a relaxing experience.

Viona is located in Brixton, London. Our goal is to provide soothing and calming massage sessions for our clients to unwind and enjoy.

Working Hours: Monday - Sunday 10 am - until late

Language Spoken: English, Chinese

Therapy Types:  Relaxing Massage, Deep Tissue, Thai, Chinese Acupressure Massage, Japanese Shiatsu - £30/30mins, £45/60mins, £80/90mins, £100/2hours or 4 hands.


'Visit Me' - Walk-in or make an appointment in advance.


'Visit you' we provide outcall mobile massage service to your hotel or home in central London.


Please call or text us for more information or make a booking to give as much longer notice as you  can.



 refreshing & relaxing massage 

-30 minutes for 30 pounds

-60 minutes for 45 pounds

relaxing massage

More people are turning to therapeutic and relaxation massage to relieve tensions associated with the stresses of busy lives, work imbalance, daily routine, or even dull whether. To maintain good health, mental and physical state of body it is necessary to receive therapeutic massage and/or energy work on a regular basis.


Emotional and physical benefits of massage:


-improves flexibility and range of motions
- encourages post-operative recovery
- promotes faster rehabilitation after injury
- increases immune function
- induces a feeling of physical, mental, and emotional well being
- generates confidence
- satisfies the need for caring and nourishing touch
- increases awareness of mind body connection
- reduces sense of isolation

Some conditions that benefit from massage:

- insomnia

- headaches/migraines

- high blood pressure

- chronic fatigue syndrome

- back pain

- arthritis

- sport related injuries


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